Company is focusing on business valuation and real estate/assets appraisal, as well as the financial and economic analysis to understand the effect of specific project's particulars on CF generation, we develop the IEMM (Individual Economic-Mathematical Models) of any required level of detalization, based on IEMMIndividual Economic-Mathematical Models for purposes of structuring and optimization of projects/deal to find an accurate and reasonable compromise for all participants. We also develop Feasibility Studies, provide the Strategy planning and Strategy options selection, perform market investigations and analyze the market monopoly status, provide selection of the optimal technical/financial options under different scenarios external Economic, Tax, Technological, Organizational/Legal, Political and other required factors for the scenario analysis, which have or could have an effect on pattern of a company's CF generation of project/deal realization.

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27 years ASSO-Invest was established in 1992 and received in 1994 the first comprehensive experience of asset appraisal working under control of Lamb Hanson Lamb Appraisal Associates (Seattle, USA) » About ASSO-Invest
2012 АТЭС At the project stage ASSO-Invest has developed the estimation of costs for withdrawal of the real estate for construction of roads and two cable stayed bridges in Vladivostok – the main linear infrastructure of APEC 2012 » Vladivostok Infrastructure Projects for APEC2012
7 стран/регионов ASSO-Invest has an extensive experience of cooperation with engineers, consultants and appraisers of Australia, the UK, Canada, the Republic of Korea, the USA, Scotland and Japan » Foreign Clients & ASSO-Invest's Counterparts

The Russian Far East coverage

  • Flexible Adaptability of the Company's Expert Team for a Project Scale

    ASSO-Invest has an extensive experience of formation and operation of the Company's Expert Team on various scale Projects - from a single asset/project located on a small plot of land to (a) an extensive territory coverage at stage of the traffic investigation for Vladivostok within its suburbs, and (b) an appraisal of a company multiply assets located on the territory of two regions of the Russian Far East for IFRSInternational Financial Reporting Standard practical application

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